My project, Intambo was born at the end of 2016. The name comes from Zulu language, a language spoken by a ethnic group in South Africa. Intambo means thread, cord and comes from the hemp cord I work with.

My mainly inspiration is how difficult our simple life can be. I love to inspiring on the net, and exploring our world's exciting cultures, tribes and habits, my jewelleries is a mixture of the african culture, the darker and earthier hippie styles and a little bit bohemian is in there, theese are the most expressional about me and my soul.

I'm focusing on the natural materials and techniques I'm using for my jewelry, my stones I use for the necklaces are carefully selected and I buy most of them in Hungary, the other are come from India. My hemp cords are from a hungarian manufactory too and that type has a rustic, little bit native infuse, but I have some american cords at home. I usually buy some nice things when I'm travelling too, I'm always keep my eye peeled.

There are no two pieces completely alike, I take care of every piece has a really unique, one of a kind look. I reach it the various stones and charms.

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