Chup-Kamui ● Hemp Cord Necklace with Rainbow Labradorite

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Chup – Kamui is the chastity goddess of the ainu people. ” kamui” is the ainu word for a supernatural or divine being. Chup means luminary. She was originally the moon goddess of the ainu people, but as she watched the earth on her very first night and saw the sinful and adulterous behaviors of humans, she begged to trade places with her brother, the sun. Hence, she became the sun and he the moon.

Each morning, she rises from the mouth of a devil, having escaped being devoured each night.

This necklace made by a rainbow labradorite stone, Hungarian and American hemp cord and brass bead.

Easy and comfortable to wear. Unique piece, only this one exists.


  • brown, beige and multi color hemp cord
  • rainbow labradorite stone
  • brass bead


The length is adjustable because of the chain on the back.


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