Darkest Night ● Nüwa ● Hemp Cord Earweight with Clear Crystal

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“Light is the left hand of darkness
and darkness the right hand of light.
Two are one, life and death, lying
together like lovers in kemmer,
like hands joined together,
like the end and the way.”
Ursula K. Le Guin, The Left Hand of Darkness

This collection’s theme and main inspiration was ‘the dark’ – we got inspiration from the darker subcultures and the traditional Indian cultures as well, creating a multicultural atmosphere. Some pieces are representing the deep dark, other are the wan light, a tiny sparkle in the deep.

Our products made by mainly Hungarian and American hemp cord. The brass supplies come from Turkey and Israel, all of them are handmade and high quality.

We’re always selecting the crystals, gemstones and brass supplies what we used mostly personally and carefully if it’s possible, one by one, and while considering their size and colors we combine them in specific way that feels right.

All of them are handmade and designed by us with pure vibrations of the Earth’s incredible cultures and vibrations, and every piece’s idea is our intellectual property.

Please do not copy them.


  • black hemp cord
  • snake clasp
  • five clear quartz points


Inner diameter: 5,5 cm

Outer diameter: 7 cm

Weight: 36g/each

Offering from 12mm(1/2″) ears. It’s an earweight, it will be hanging in your holes.


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