Gardener ● Earth Tone ● Hemp Cord Earring

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We all have the power to heal our entire lives, if we commit to it. Make it a top priority. Create core values around it. And pursue it with all of our being. If we do so, we can heal our mind, body and soul. Slipping us into a complete state of happiness, euphoria and peace. A peace that passes all understanding. For we know that we healed ourselves deeper than surface or thought level. We did a complete restoration of our whole being.

At this point we can realize that we are the masters of our own existence. And through this realization, create place that is heaven on earth. And better yet, help others heal and see the real truth to.

Colors are not only a delight for the eyes and soul, used skillfully they have the powers of an unseen witch. It is proven that our body can be affected in specific ways by surrounding colors. We used mainly earth tones and blacks to create our jewelleries, taking care of the harmony between hues.

Our products made by mainly Hungarian and American hemp cord. The brass supplies come from Turkey and Israel, all of them are handmade and high quality.

We’re always selecting the crystals, gemstones and brass supplies what we use mostly personally and careful – if it’s possible, one by one, and while considering their size and colors we combine them in specific way that feels right.

All of them are handmade and designed by us with pure vibrations of the Earth’s incredible cultures and vibrations, and every piece’s idea is our intellectual property.

Please do not copy them.


  • brown hemp cord
  • black, dark brown and brown hemp thread
  • brass beads


Offering to normal pierced ears and gauged holes as well.

Normal earring hooks, size with the hook is 7,5×5 cm.

Weight: 17g/each


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